Sunday, March 4, 2018

Heading into 2018

It has been a while since I have updated this Blog but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.

I have spent my blog time maintaining the Platform Gallery Blog. 

2017 Was a year of building on the work we have been doing at The Platform.
Sales of my artworks continue to be pleasing and I find my style is changing over time. 

Pastels have been selling well and I have recently added some work to an online site Blue Thumb  to see how that might compliment things. 

Fibrespace has continued its Collaboration with artists in Lapland and our "Pieces of Heaven" was recently exhibited in Helsinki and then at The Yard Purtli Gallery during the Desert Fringe.

You can see more at MARGIN TO MARGIN.

 A little experimentation with oil pastels and heat processes has resulted in some interesting results so we will see where that goes. 

Over the past 12 months I have developed my iPad drawings and experimented with repetitive designs for printing on fabric. 


Monday, April 10, 2017

Developing iPad art through Drawing

This year I attended 2 drawing workshops at the Platform Gallery which have shaped the way in which I look at the art I do on the iPad.

I am also linking photography to this work.

The steps are varied but to incorporate more of the discipline of drawing I have decided to use the lovely hand made book that Sharron Jones gave me to store pleriminary sketches.

The focus of these will probably change.
Currently the drawings are quite literal but I hope that eventually I will develop a more abstract feel.

The digital drawings print really nicely on to fabric which is the aim at the moment.

Monday, October 24, 2016

FIBRESPACE theme for 2016/17

The new FIBRESPACE THEME is " DABULOUS" ( dabbling in the fabulous)  and we also have the addition of ... sisu ya taito (persistence, resilience and skill ) the latter being offered by our visitors from Lapland.

There is also the added requirement that the piece needs to fit into a suitcase and resemble the page of a book, magazine or journal.

FIBRESPACE is moving into new territory with a collaboration with artists from Lapland.

The group is also preparing to use the internet more often as platform for sharing the work of its artists and so I will use this blog to describe my process for the piece I develop. 

Without giving too much away, as my thoughts grapple with new ideas, I have begun the process of developing my own fabric designs that I will have printed and available for use in my piece.

These "patch work" designs build on a previous experiment using the iPad to create design blocks.

I used Procreate to create some simple , repetitive designs  then imported the images into my Photoshop program and experimented with changing the hue so that I have a range of complimentary designs to use.

I have also taken this a step further by reducing the size of the blocks and again changing the hue to give even greater variety but still keeping everything within the "AUTUMN" colour spectrum.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Finding Time for ART

2016 Is off to a great start at THE PLATFORM gallery with interested visitors and quite a few sales. 

It has been interesting to note the change of pace at the gallery. I have been involved in more administration and development of the gallery space as well as talking to more people as they come through the gallery as well as supporting people to hold events in the gallery and this has taken away some of my "producing time".

This year's work has been an eclectic mix but there should be a few interesting pieces ready for the official opening of the gallery in April.

Monday, January 4, 2016


THE PLATFORM gallery is now established and I have a wonderful opportunity to display my work, alongside pieces by other local artists, in a new and exciting venue.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

SALA week 2015

I am currently exhibiting work at the Yarta Purtli Gallery in Port Augusta as part of the "Curdnatta Artists' Stories" exhibition.

My Story: 
Life Member of Curdnatta Art Group
First Joined 1973

Curdnatta Art Group and the Gallery have provided a safe and nurturing playground for me as an artist.

It is through Curdnatta that I have tested ideas, honed, skills, gained courage and celebrated success.

There have been several distinct “genres” in my artistic development over the years. 
Sometimes these have overlapped and these signature works excite me the most.

       Oil Painting
Textile Arts
Wearable Art
Screen Printing
Digital Collage

The pieces in this exhibition are self-portraits that depict several of the genres in which I like to play. 

The photo pages are a visual history of work I have created as a Curdnatta Artist.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Alpaca Felt

A while ago I made a chance discovery via Facebook that an acquaintance from my working days has a herd of Alpacas that roam the foothills of the Southern Flinders Ranges near Port Pirie. 

Being in discovery mode I asked about purchasing some fleece and before I knew it I had "5 BAGS FULL". Some from Hugo, Sancho, Hermione, Lydia and Zoe. All different shades.

Some of the fleece was quite clean but Hugo and Sancho seem to like rolling in straw so a bit of work combing and carding was needed to get the fleece ready for felting.

I began with some nano felted scarves and progressed to hats, getting a feel for the product. I found that a bit of wool included in the layers or underneath the alpaca fleece helped to hold everything together.

Several scarves later and I still had "5 BAGS FULL" so what was I to do to  use up more of the fleece now stored in plastic tubs.

I began to make one large felt slab after each felting project and put them aside with the idea of making a felt mat or rug.

Later I cut these into squares and then machine stitched them together using a flat blanket type stitch on my machine. 

The shaggy dreadlocks on the ends were a scarf that didn't quite work but adds just enough interest to the structured rug. The texture of alpaca is very soft and silky and is very tactile.

Ok for a first try ;-))