Saturday, August 1, 2015

SALA week 2015

I am currently exhibiting work at the Yarta Purtli Gallery in Port Augusta as part of the "Curdnatta Artists' Stories" exhibition.

My Story: 
Life Member of Curdnatta Art Group
First Joined 1973

Curdnatta Art Group and the Gallery have provided a safe and nurturing playground for me as an artist.

It is through Curdnatta that I have tested ideas, honed, skills, gained courage and celebrated success.

There have been several distinct “genres” in my artistic development over the years. 
Sometimes these have overlapped and these signature works excite me the most.

       Oil Painting
Textile Arts
Wearable Art
Screen Printing
Digital Collage

The pieces in this exhibition are self-portraits that depict several of the genres in which I like to play. 

The photo pages are a visual history of work I have created as a Curdnatta Artist.