Monday, October 24, 2016

FIBRESPACE theme for 2016/17

The new FIBRESPACE THEME is " DABULOUS" ( dabbling in the fabulous)  and we also have the addition of ... sisu ya taito (persistence, resilience and skill ) the latter being offered by our visitors from Lapland.

There is also the added requirement that the piece needs to fit into a suitcase and resemble the page of a book, magazine or journal.

FIBRESPACE is moving into new territory with a collaboration with artists from Lapland.

The group is also preparing to use the internet more often as platform for sharing the work of its artists and so I will use this blog to describe my process for the piece I develop. 

Without giving too much away, as my thoughts grapple with new ideas, I have begun the process of developing my own fabric designs that I will have printed and available for use in my piece.

These "patch work" designs build on a previous experiment using the iPad to create design blocks.

I used Procreate to create some simple , repetitive designs  then imported the images into my Photoshop program and experimented with changing the hue so that I have a range of complimentary designs to use.

I have also taken this a step further by reducing the size of the blocks and again changing the hue to give even greater variety but still keeping everything within the "AUTUMN" colour spectrum.